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Announcement from Merry

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Merry wants everyone to know that she was recertified as a Therapy Dog by

"A New Leash On Life Inc."

When Merry was first Certified we regularly visited a Nursing Home for a year then

Dr. Jan was injured in an auto accident. As we were able, Merry continued to attend Dr. Jan's Client counseling sessions. (Currently Dr. Jan is retiring.)

Merry continues to say "Hello" to friends we see when taking walks. She sits in front of them and waits to be petted. Even though this may only last a minute, our friends seem happier after seeing that Merry remembers them.

We'd like to Thank New Leash on Life, founder Barbara Lewis for starting basic training classes, along with Service Dog and Therapy Dog classes. It has been a difficult year due to COVID 19 to provide the classes, but trained Dogs with their Handlers continue to

offer many volunteer hours to those requesting the presence of a Therapy Dog.

Merry takes her work seriously; here she is with her Certificate.

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