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Everyday humor

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? I asked Merry her thoughts and she gave me "the look." Oh, she is now 14 years old and has cataracts. So there's something wrong with everything she sees! I forget because she does well; she remembers where everything is and she is so good.

Next I asked Blanca if she sees anything wrong with this pic? But she's too busy checking on the deer and rabbits at the moment, to comment.

You see I'm always running out the door, the last minute to exercise class. It takes me seconds to dress. Of course, when I return home and change shoes and clothes, to my disbelief, more often than not, my right sock is on my left foot and my left sock is on my right foot!

Can you believe it? Now, my shoes and most of the time my slippers tell me if I have them on the wrong foot, but not these socks. They never let me know--I'm walking, moving in socks which are on the wrong foot.

Finally I decided this was happening too many times, and these socks were just not cooperating properly. I found some fitted white low socks which had their name in large letters on the toe part of the sock. They don't care whether I wear them on my right or left foot, just so I can clearly read their brand name. Problem, solved.

Enjoy your socks,

Dr. Jan

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