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Good Morning

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Taking my New Year’s resolution walk, I ramble along the edge of the blacktop, careful not to venture too close to the prickly pears’ natural garden. I’m passed by Mrs. M. As usual this kind, little eighty-something lady wears her bright colored jogging outfit. I wonder where she gets all her energy.

Mrs. M raises her left arm giving me a slight wave as her whisper of a voice tosses out a sweet, “Good Morning.”

Distracted, while watching her I stumble and come close to planting my face in the macadam. What kind of a “Good Morning” would this be if I fell?

My brain wheels begin turning as I question, what constitutes a Good Morning? Minutes pass as the fish oil soft-tabs taken daily finally do their lube job giving me an answer: A nice full breakfast makes a morning, good. Let’s see, one egg or two, four slices of bacon, fried potatoes and a buttered English muffin. No, let’s change that muffin to a couple of pancakes with maple syrup.

My mouth waters. Yummy. Visions of sugar plums dance in my head. Oh, I believe that’s only at Christmas. My mistake. But indeed I envision the full table with the luscious fragrance and taste of each delicious delicacy.

Yes, of course, that’s a Good Morning.

Wait a minute. If I eat all that food, I’d feel like a stuffed turkey and might look like one too. Doubt if I could even walk. Nothing would be accomplished, except maybe, the onset of indigestion.

Definitely, that would not be a Good Morning, for me.

Exhausted, due to mental exertion, I check the area for a large comfortable rock to hold my weary bones. None is near, so I’m forced to move another few feet, where a small uncomfortable rock awaits my arrival.

Certainly, I can answer this frustrating question.

Wait! I know! I have the answer! Winning a million dollar lottery would make a Great Morning! Just think of all the things I could do. Take friends to lunch, make donations to my favorite non-profits, provide for folks in need… WOW. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Maybe I’d take a trip. Wonder where I should go?

Hey. I believe I read the majority of million dollar winners end up in debt. Certainly, that wouldn’t happen to me!

But did that article say something about new found friends and family? Would unknown relatives pop-up? Cheese whiz. Would people be calling me and texting me during the day and in the middle of a sound sleep? Would I end up staying home with blinds and curtains closed, avoiding those who wait outside my door to explain their sad, maybe true stories?

I could hire an assistant. Then buy a few more phones. I’d have to change my number...

Hold on. This million win isn’t starting to sound so good. No, it would NOT make my morning.

Maybe having a Good Morning means, wishing I not have a Bad Morning? Hmm. Well, a bad one would indeed be—falling into these nearby prickly pear cacti. Oh my, I’d have to go to the hospital to have those painful needles removed. That would certainly make my Morning, Bad.

Then again, what if some kind, single gentleman volunteers at the hospital? And he sees me come in, feels sorry for me and checks on me. We visit and learn we have a lot in common.

Love at first sight!!! WHAT a wonderful Bad Morning.

Ring, ring.

Why is that stupid cell interrupting me now, just when I’m feeling so HAPPY about my Bad Morning? Oh well. “Hello”

“Good Afternoon.”

Above was written for the Writers group I joined in my new Arizona Community. Hopefully, it gave you a little smile.

Dr. Jan

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