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Have You Been on Your Knees Lately?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

If you saw a $50 bill laying on the floor under a piece of furniture, would you get down on your hands and knees and pick it up? What if it was a $20 dollar bill? A $10 bill? If you said you would, what about a $1 bill?

As Christians, we state that God is number one in our lives and we are saved by Jesus Christ. So if you are physically able, do you get down on your knees to worship and pray?

You might respond by saying, "Dr. Jan, God hears my prayers no matter where or how I pray. I don't need to get down on the floor." And I would agree with you. You aren't required to, and when praying throughout the day in most environments, it wouldn't be appropriate. However, do you need to, at least once a day in the privacy of your home?

For me, getting on my knees reminds me God is Almighty and I am His servant. He isn't Santa Claus-someone I pray to when I want something. On my knees, puts me in just the right mental position to remind me that HE is in charge of all things and my desire is to be obedient.

Perhaps, you will think about this.


Dr. Jan

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