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Hello, I'm Kittie

I'm Dr Jan's rescue cat. She's trying to decide which subject to blog about, but can't make a final choice. I'm really the one in charge here. It doesn't take me days to make up my mind. No way. So I'm here to tell you that the living area and dinning area of our new hang-out is finally looking pretty good. It's taken forever. I would have had in done right away. My decor would look a little rough. I like rough!

In my pic I'm sitting in the living area on dog Blanca's rug. I would like to know why she has her own spot and I'm rushed out of the room every time I'm seen. Can I help it that I prefer sitting in the white, cushioned chairs? Okay, I may leave some black hair behind, but what's the big deal?

Someone's coming. Guess I'd better sign off.

Your adorable Cat, Kittie.

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