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Merry Remembered

Sometimes, I need time to process things happening in my life. The last couple

of months have been a challenge and I couldn't have made it without my faith. There

was the sorting and packing for the move, the unplanned hernia surgery, and Merry,

my 14 1/2 yr old Therapy dog's decline. I lost her on September 14th.

She was a rescue dog, eating out of dumpsters and abused by children and

adults, because she wasn't wanted. My Black Lab took over training, since it took Merry

awhile to accept a human. I don't encourage my dogs to lick people, but for five years

after Merry's rescue, she tried to lick me each time I fed her.

She had all the qualities of a great Therapy dog. She was very obedient, always

knew where I was and didn't wonder or run away and she loved attention. I will always

miss her.

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