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Ode to my Scale

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I ordered a new scale. You might be wondering, why? You see I had to, unfortunately, my old scale wasn't providing me with the correct numbers of my weight. No, I couldn't get angry with it, after all I'd get tired of being stepped on all the time too. So, I just ordered an additional one. Of course, I'm certain there's no relationship between my old scale's new problem, and the fact I injured my hip in exercise class and was out of class for a few months, and then the pandemic, and gyms were closed....well you know what happened. Actually it was kinda good having more time at home. You see, I had the opportunity to make a few changes, like adding dark chocolate to my breakfast menu.

In any event I felt obligated to retire my old scale, the poor thing, and add a new one. When "New" arrived, carefully I removed the white scale box from the brown shipping box, then gently pulled out the handsome new arrival. Glancing at the instructions, they said the lithium battery needed to be correctly inserted (another challenge for me), and the scale should be placed on a flat surface. Being a responsible owner of a new scale, I didn't set it on the carpet but went and placed it on the linoleum flooring. I set it down in the middle of the room and stepped on it.

Oh my, how could this have happened? The wrong reading! The poor thing. Obviously, during shipping this scale was knocked around, and its numbers completely mixed up. Right then I decided it needed to recover from all it had gone through just to come to my house, so I picked it up and put it in a corner where it wouldn't be bothered. Then, I thought, maybe I hadn't read it correctly? Ever so gently, I stepped on it for the second time, since its arrival.


Guess what? It gave me the exact number my old scale always used to give me! WOW. Later, I recalled the area where the scale now sits permanently, had been repaired sometime ago. Isn't it marvelous, the carpenter fixed the perfect spot for this scale, and he did it years past.

I was so surprised and happy I just had to write a poem to this scale.

Ode to my Scale

Dear Scale, my dear sweet scale,

How wonderful the day,

You brought happiness in my life to stay,

And due, only to, the sloping way you lay.

LOL (Laugh Out Loud, please)

Wishing you blessings and smiles.

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