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To Throw, Give or Keep?

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Have you told yourself it's time to go through things? I might prefer having a tooth pulled, than start rummaging through drawers, file cabinets, and closets.

Not certain about you, as for me each item seems to have a memory attached to it, even little things. Like, the extra iron, I decided I needed when spending the summer in the mountains. That was a great summer.

Then, there're the rings I had hidden away. I had forgotten I had my dad's parents' wedding rings. They must be at least one hundred years old. They're plain brass or bronze and have an imprint inside. I never knew my dad's parents because they passed before I was born, Dad being the youngest in a large family. I recall the farm where my dad was born and raised. It's a mile from Dad's sister and her husband's farm. None of his brothers or sisters lived on the old farm; it was sold, as All had moved away. I loved visiting my aunt and uncle as a kid. I'd sit on the porch swing, moving back and forth looking out over the fields. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and soothing sounds of the animals. But now, All are gone.

The rings may not be worth a lot of money but they certainly are worth some memories. I think I'll mount them with some family pictures and put them on a wall for display. Yes, that's what I'll do!

Some things I can part with

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