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One of my favorite book characters

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This is Merry. Her character name is "Spot" in the "Brave 'Little Boy' Book Series. I named her Merry because all she wanted to do, and still wants to do, is play; she's great at fetching a ball. That must have come from her Whippet genes, as she is part Border Collie and part Whippet. She was rescued at age three to four months old and hadn't had any positive bonding with people. To my surprise, my Black Lab automatically began working with her, to teach her what she needed to do to become a good house dog.

Merry/Spot is now twelve years old, and still loves to bring a ball or a toy, with a glint in her eyes daring me to run after her. At the same time, if I tell her to drop it, she will gladly do that and wait for me to throw it, so she can retrieve it.

Merry was Certified as a Therapy dog and for one year we visited a nursing home and for several years she sat in on private Counseling sessions. Merry/ Spot loves attention.

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