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Which Street are You Walking on Today?

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Guess you might be thinking I was taking a little vacation since I didn't write last month. No, not so. I saw my PCP in the Spring and she insisted I visit with a surgeon. To please her I did so. Well, he made having hernia surgery sound like it was a "walk in the park," which I love to do. How could I resist? His walk sounded like a pretty sunny day, my walk turned out to be in a dark night thick forest.

Now I'm back on my feet and cleaning out. I found an "Autobiography in Five Short Chapters" by Portia Nelson. I used to share this with many folks. You will probably remember it also. I'd like to share it with you here because it has much value for me.

I'm paraphrasing:

  1. I'm walking along. There's a deep hole, I fall in. I'm lost and hopeless but it's not my fault. It takes forever to get out.

  2. I'm walking the same street again. I pretend I don't see the deep hole. I fall in and can't believe I'm in the same place. It's not my fault. It takes a long time getting out.

  3. I'm walking in the same place and I see the deep hole. I fall's called a habit. But now my eyes are fully open. I know it's my fault and I get out.

  4. I'm walking on the same street. I know there is a deep hole and I walk around it.

  5. I take my walk on a different street.


Dr. Jan

Photo courtesy Pexels, Pixabay License

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