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Meet Dr. Jan, Counselor and Author

Janet L. Rowe Walker, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a retired Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has forty years of counseling experience in various settings, with all age groups, along with a private
practice. Dr. Rowe Walker served periodically as an Agency Director while working directly with clients. Her private practice included contracting with agencies as supervisor for licensing candidates.


Dr. Jan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, spent the majority of her adult life in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, then easing towards early retirement years moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma. Currently, she is splitting her time between Oklahoma and Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.


In past years, she has accumulated many, many hours volunteering in her Church and the Community. In the Church element she was responsible for the Christian Education Programs. In the Community she served in several positions, including President of the Council Rock School Board. She was selected and served on a Bucks County Government Study Committee. She served on several local Boards.  As wife and homemaker with two small sons, she fostered several children.


In Oklahoma, her attention and Practice centered on Children in today’s society. She became inspired to write a Christian Children’s Series—“The Brave ‘Little Boy’”— to assist youths in seeing options in life issues.


Dr. Rowe Walker has her doctorate in Temperament Christian Counseling. She has her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania. When attending Capital University, she was on the Dean’s List. Before her third year of college, she married and attended Ohio State University where she received her BSc. Degree. As a High School student, she was a member of the National Honor Society.


Dr. Janet L Rowe Walker has two married sons; the eldest is a Urologist and the youngest a College Professor. She is a member of the Oklahoma Christian Fiction Writers (OCFW) and the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) organizations.

"As a Christian Counselor in California for over forty years, I'm thankful to finally have a social issue, faith-challenging book series that I can utilize when counseling children, youth and parents. Kudos to Dr. Jan!"

- Dorothy Rumsey, LMFT

My Books

Andy and The Bully, Book 2 Revised
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