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Andy's World


Welcome to Andy’s world in the “Brave ‘Little Boy’ Series.” Andy may be the youngest of five kids in his family, and presently he may be vertically challenged (shorter than other kids in his class) but he’s NOT a “little boy!”


He’s beginning fourth grade and starting to take academics seriously with the encouragement of his neighbor. While at home, he has daily battles with one of his older sisters and one of his older brothers. They insist on calling him “little boy.” 


Walk with Andy as he faces various problems that are part of his daily life and relationships. Decide what you might do in his situation. Maybe you can come up with your own positive way of coping, while discovering your gifts and interests. Do your abilities include sports, arts, music, literature, carpentry, landscaping, farming, technology, a “helping” profession…? Sometimes, your special talents take a while to develop and only later do your blessings become clear to you. With Andy, his current interest is soccer, and he practices so he can play well. He also cares about others.

Each person—just like each snowflake—is different, and each one is beautiful in their own way. Whether you’re a gal or a guy, those differences make you who you are. Be wise and be brave, and don’t allow others to use you! When someone is really in need, due to circumstances beyond their control, pray for a safe way to help them. God be with you.


I can be contacted through the “Contact” tab on this website. Usually, questions will be addressed through the blog.


Dr. Jan   

Wonder if your day is similar to Andy’s?

Andy and the Bully, Book 2 Revised

ISBN 978-1-67284-023-1

“The Brave ‘Little Book Boy’” Book Series, is fiction, however, the problem situations are real in today’s society. Of course, all of us have problems, but how do we decide to deal with them?

Read Book 2 Revised to find out how Andy decided to work through his problem with the classroom bully.

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