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Another New Year

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

On January 1st, just as I have done the previous two years, I hiked. And this year, January 2nd was added as another hiking day. It's a great way to start the new year.

And apparently, this year I was more observant than in the past. Because this year as I went up the steps to a lookout point, I noticed the sign mounted on the post. It simply stated, "TRAIL THROUGH ROCKS," with an arrow under the words. (If you are able to enlarge the picture, you might see it.)

How profound and appropriate, I thought. Purely a statement of fact, expressing reality!

As long as I have lived, there have been -Rocks in my trail years; some larger than others. So my advice to You and me the beginning of this year is - let's grab our Savior's Hand, trust in Him, and listen to the Holy Spirit.

I guarantee You that we will make it through and most importantly, we will be filled with an inner peace beyond words. We WILL have, a Joyful and Blessed New Year!


Dr. Jan

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