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Have you seen the movie Jesus Revolution?

You may view it, at your convenience, at home. Above is a snapshot taken from a

reviewer's article. As the caption states, this was the poster for the film. The movie focuses

on three men's lives and their involvement in the late 60's and early 70's hippie/flower children's acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Did you notice the tear in the middle above? I did that after reading the Review. I had seen the film. It was well done--interesting, and good acting. Basically the Reviewer's article blamed the movie's success on the viewers, who were emotionally/pathos involved. In any event, you know my opinion of the review. Torn in two, and put in the trash.

Later, I went digging in the garbage. Not so peasant. I sent a reply to the Reviewer, explaining my opinion, what I was basing it on, and my rating. I've never done something like this. However, I felt a great disservice had been committed against the movie and those who liked it. I'm certain my email didn't change anything, but at the end, I stated that I highly recommended the film for youths and adults. And I stick to my recommendation.

Decide for yourself. Enjoy.


Dr. Jan

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